What are cannabinoids?

can·nab·i·noid /ˈkanəbəˌnoid,kəˈnabə-/

What exactly are cannabinoids? The term cannabinoid is simply a fancy way to describe the chemicals contained within the cannabis plant. You may hear the term ‘phytocannabinoid’ as well; ‘phyto’ just means plant. Cannabinoids are plant chemicals derived from the cannabis plant. That’s it! Don’t be scared away from the fancy terminology that exists in the bioscience world – it can be intimidating, but you can easily learn to navigate through nature using scientific language! Use the cannabinoid locater tool found exclusively on CannabiJournal. After spending time researching what cannabinoids are, you will have a much better grasp on these plant chemicals.

what are cannabinoids

Figure 1.0: different cannabinoid molecules

What is a terpene?

ter·pene /ˈtərpēn/

While cannabinoids are specific to the cannabis plant species, terpenes are actually not. Have you ever walked through a dense pine forest, or meadow of lavender? The rich scent you smell is mainly because of the terpenes within the plants. Terpenes act as a defensive measure against herbivores (ie: deer) that may be inclined to eat that plant specific plant. Furthermore, a ‘terpenoid’ is a terpene that has been oxidized. While many cannabis companies have put a twist on the ability of terpenoids to interact with the human body after ingestion, there is still very little (if any) evidence that supports this. Terpenes absolutely affect color and aroma, but any other claims should be considered with extreme caution.

Use our cannabinoid locator to find peer reviewed data on the different major and minor cannabinoids.

Reliable information on terpenes can be difficult to find. Locate different terpenes using terpene locator.