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Alpha-terpineol is one of the compounds found in a variety of plant, including the cannabis sativa plant. It is a terpineol that is propan-2-ol substituted by a 4-methylcyclohex-3-en-1-yl group at position 2. Alpha-terpineol is said to play the role of a plant metabolite. Even though the compound occurs naturally, it is commonly synthesized from the more readily available alpha-pinene. 

The discovery of alpha-terpineol in cannabis sativa is no shock as it exists in other plants as well. The compound can also be found in oils such as pine oil, cajuput oil and others. The study of this compound in the cannabis plant is to see how cannabinoids affect its roles and functions. The traction around the cannabis sativa plant is also drawing attention to the terpenes found in the plant. In chemical structure, they are similar to what we already know, but in functions, researchers are looking to see if they can be extended. 

Alpha-pinene is formed naturally in the cannabis plant. Its formulation, like every other terpenoid, occurs with the continuous chemical reaction between the constituents of the plant. For physical properties, the compound has a pale-yellow look. It’s an oily liquid with a warm-peppery, mildly earthy, and musty-woody odor. It has a boiling point of 218-221 °C, a melting point of 37.5 °C and a solubility value of 0.71 mg/mL at 25 °C. It has a lower density than water and so is not soluble, but may sometimes be slightly soluble in water. Being an alcohol, it shares similar annotation with 2-methylbenzyl alcohol, cyclohexanemethanol, 2-phenylethanol, and some other compounds. 

Alpha-terpineol has several benefits, including its use in the production of perfumes for its aroma. The market currently enjoys the sales of this compound without any issue of legalization, as opposed to the cannabinoids. The use of this compound by pharma and light industries solidifies its stay in the market. 


The functions of the compounds are infinite. It can provide essential health benefits when removed, collected and refined from plants or sources. The sedating effects, calming behavior, antibacterial functions as well as the ability to influence psychology of a person are the effect of the presence of alpha-terpineol in products. It is also used in soaps and perfumes, often known for its strong scent. 


Alpha-terpineol is a compound with a smell that eases the body and makes one feel relaxed. It is used in scented candles for spas and therapy sessions. The compound is said to be a sedative that relieves people of stress. Its other functions include its ability to act as an antibiotic, aChE inhibitor, and antioxidant. It is sometimes used by drug-producing industries to produce antimalaria and other drugs, for its smell and aroma. 

Right now, researchers are trying to show how the compound can help with pervasive ailments, including cancer, leukemia, depression, anxiety disorder, among others.


  1. Alpha-terpineol has a chemical formula of C10H18O.
  2. Its molar mass is 154.25 g/mol.
  3. Its IUPAC name is 2-(4-methylcyclohex-3-en-1-yl)propan-2-ol.


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